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Welcome to all our Members & Visitors!

Fáilte  Witaj  Bienvenidos  Bem-vindos  Failt  Croeso  Bienvenue  Merhba  Salve

Our Mission

Catholic Singles is an organisation which helps single, widowed, separated and divorced Catholics of all ages (over 18 years) meet other single Catholics, either one to one or through social events. All members receive a monthly bulletin, called Catholic Networking, which includes details of social events and anonymous descriptions of individual members. The confidential box number in each bulletin is optional, and members may join for social events only if they wish.

Mature couple w/ kite

Organisation News

Members Since Formation 6539
Current Membership 411
Updated to 03/08/20
Because of the Coronavirus issue all our events were suspended after our two events on Sunday March 15th. and our first event since then will be on August 16th. in London. Although this website will be closing down on August 31st. we are still accepting new members until August 27th. for just £10 and many of our members will be keeping in touch with each other informally after this date, with social events continuing for those who have joined contact lists of organisers. Many thanks and every best wish in the future to all members and enquirers over the last nineteen and a half years, James.

Becoming a Member

To join Catholic Singles until Aug.31st., 2020 click on the left. After payment you will be emailed an acknowledgement requesting further details before a welcome letter is posted.

To join by post or BACS or for free information please email,  telephone or text as indicated below.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Phone: 0161 941 3498
Text: 0789 505 1103